International Day of the Girl

Yesterday was International Day of the Girl.

I recently read a study on girls’ attitudes in 2016, that showed 86% of 7-10 year old girls believed they can be as successful as boys, but only 35% of 17-18 year old girls agreed. I don’t know about you, but that’s not what I want for my (not-so-little anymore) girl. Something is happening (or lacking) during the time when reinforcement of girls’ ambitions and self-confidence is most critical.

Sure, there’s no denying that glass ceilings still exist; but there are plenty of opportunities to be successful and to match and even exceed men’s incomes. Glass ceilings, like windows, can be broken. We (men and women) should be teaching girls that it’s okay to break them (glass ceilings, that is) – and then providing them with the tools to do it.

What are your dreams of success? What are you doing to achieve them? The girls around you watch and learn from you every day. Show them that they are capable of doing and achieving anything they set their minds to. Set the example. Lead the way. Be the change.


[Source: Girls’ Attitudes Survey 2016, Girlguiding, pg 33 ]

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